How to access the Website Builder

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  1. Visit & click on Client Zone

  1. Log into your account by inserting your Username (Email Address) & Password. Click on login to log in.

  1. Click on Services (Red Block)

  1. Click on the empty space next to your domain.

  1. Click on Login to cPanel under Actions on the right side panel.

  6. Type in Website Builder in the search block. Click on Website Builder

  7. Click on create a new site to get started with setting up your website.

  8. Click on Get Started

  9. Choose 1 of the 500+ themes to use. Can select a category on the left-hand side. Once a theme has been chosen, click on select.

  1. Fill in all your details: Contact number, Email Address, Address, Website Description, Website Title, Social Media Links etc.

  1. To proceed, click on Proceed with install

  1. Once the installation is complete you can edit the site, view the site or return to the main page.

The site is now installed and can be edited

Please refer to How to edit website guide to edit the website


For any assistance whatsapp 0799546312


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